Very Successful Plant Sale April 25, 2009
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Our plant sale was held in the Heart of the City Park on a beautiful spring day and was well-attended by the public. (Photos by Jay Reichard.)

President Shelly
Co-chairman Connie
Hard-working Katie

shelly connie katie

Trailers full of flowers
(far right, standing) Co-chairman and cashier Vickie

plant_sale_01 plant_sale_02 plant_sale_03
Workday on Saturday, April 4, 2009 -- Heart of the City Park and Hwy 80
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For Texas Trash Off Day, Master Gardeners pulled double-duty doing spring cleaning at Heart of the City Park and at Hwy-80 at I-20. We picked up trash, weeded, cleaned out the beds, and generally made the areas ready for spring to burst forth. Now, as soon as we get some much needed rain.....

Before and after: Lantana and Mexican Petunia bed.

Far right: Did we mention it was a windy day?

lantana_bed_before lantana_bed_after windy_day

Before and after: Lily bed.

Far right: The work crew.

lily_bed_before lily_bed_after the_group

Before and after: Turk's cap and Canna lily bed.

Far right: Wally and Robert at the Hwy 80 bed.

turks_cap_bed_before turks_cap_bed_after work_01

Before and after: Spanish Broom and canna lily bed.

Far right: Wally contemplates life and weeds.

broom_bed_before broom_bed_after work_02
Continuation of the Courthouse Beautification, Big Spring
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Master Gardeners were invited to participate in the planting of over 600 plants on the west, south, and north sides of the Howard County Courthouse on April 19. 2008. With lots of volunteers, water, donuts, and elbow grease, the planting was completed by 1pm. Our thanks to Master Gardener Walter Ward for creating the design, ordering the plants, and organizing the project. (Click any image for a larger view.)
Master Gardeners lend an experienced hand (and back) amending soil, planting, and mulching beds. master_gardeners01 master_gardeners02 master_gardeners03
Plenty of kids joined in and learned about planting depths, spacing, roots, and tip-toeing through the beds. kids_help01 kids_help02 kids_help03
Many hands made the work easier. Spouses, friends, and passersby got wrangled into the fun. working01 working02 working03
All done. The sign on the Courthouse lawn thanks the helpers. thanks_sign portrait_black_foot_daisies portrait_rose
The Black Foot Daisy bed, the Sedum bed, and new Purple Heart edges an existing bed of ornamental grasses. black_foot_daisies sedum_bed purple_heart_edging
The sunny rose bed; Purple Heart and Ajuga share a bed in dappled light; and Columbines snuggle into the shade. rose_bed ajuga&purple_heart columbine_bed

Disassembly of Coahoma High School Greenhouse
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The Coahoma High School greenhouse was funded years ago by the Master Gardeners. Current campus expansion dictated the greenhouse must go. On November 17, 2007, we began disassembling the structure with the hopes of reassembling it in the future on a site of our own. (Click any image for a larger view.)
A long side of the greenhouse -- before and after.
Far right: The tired crew.
cgh_before1_thumb cgh_after1_thumb cgh_crew_thumb
Before and after.
Far right: the interior of the greenhouse.
cgh_before2_thumb cgh_after2_thumb cgh_inside_thumb
Master Gardeners work hard to salvage what we can. cgh_connie1_thumb cgh_mike_thumb cgh_vickie_thumb
Our future greenhouse will facilitate our ability to teach the public about horticulture in our West Texas environment. cgh_katie_thumb cgh_connie2_thumb  

Howard County Courthouse Beautification, Big Spring
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Master Gardeners were invited to participate in the rejuvenation of the Courthouse grounds. Phase 1 involved the War Memorial area on the east side of the building on September 22, 2007. Master Gardeners planned, selected, and installed new plantings, while Keep Big Spring Beautiful volunteers painted the terraces and surrounding walls. (Click any image for a larger view.)

The east entry before and after.
Far right: The workers.

Courthouse_before Courthouse_after The crew
Improving the terraces. What a difference a coat of paint and some healthy plants make! Terrace1_before Terrace1_after Kazu
Trailing Rosemary was planted in the lower terrace. Liriope was transplanted in front of the upper terrace. A border of English Ivy was planted inside the surrounding walls. Terrace2_before Terrace2_after Rosemary_trailing
Compost and mulch will be added shortly. The remaining grounds will be updated later in the fall and winter. Loriope Katie Robert_Wally

Heart of the City Park, Big Spring (on-going project)
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Heart of the City Park, on the corner of 4th and Main in Big Spring, is tended by the Master Gardeners.

Mexican petunias (purple) mingle
with lantana (yellow).

Mexican petunia, lantana lantana Mexican petunia
Butterfly bush (with closeup).
Lantana (yellow).
butterfly_bush butterfly_bush_close lantana_bush
Turk's cap (red) behind
Russian sage and flanked by
canna lilies (yellow, far right).
turkish_cap_canna_lily turkish_cap canna_lily

Artemesia (sprawling and closeup). Broom with canna lilies.

artemesia artemesia_close broom_cannas
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