What's New? (updated March 20, 2011)

(1) Looks like I've been delinquent in keeping you guys current. I missed posting February's minutes last month, so I'll do double duty this month. Both February's (now approved) minutes are posted, as are March's unapproved. Please review March's closely. I took sketchy notes in Connie's absence, and BOY they don't make much sense to me today as I write them up.

(2) Does an inch and a half of rain give you new hope for the spring?

(3) Robert and Carol's chili was a big hit at the last meeting. Recipe is here.

(4) We have a work day scheduled for Saturday, March 26, at 1pm. We'll meet at our property and carpool to a Big Spring address to remove the vinca plants from an 8x20 foot bed. We'll replant a bunch of them at our property and pot some for our Plant Sale. Details are in the March minutes. Bring hand tools.

(5) We are planning a Garden Tour for May 14 (the week after the Plant Sale). Two house tours, then a third at Mike and Barbara's where we'll also feed our faces. Potluck, as usual. Some details are in the minutes, others will be forthcoming.

(6) For anyone who wants more info on the raised bed techniques that I floundered through in my little speech, go to The site has been revamped since I spent several hours on it years ago. Seems to me the video on the home page was quite informative; hopefully it's the same one. For anyone who wants more info on intensive gardening in general, I really like these guys:


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