Even in our semi-arid region, a water-conscious landscape can be green and full of life.

About us

Howard County Master Gardeners are certified by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service (formerly the Texas Cooperative Extension Office) and Texas A&M University. We are gardeners who possess classroom knowledge, hands-on experience, and enthusiasm to learn about creating and maintaining landscapes in semi-arid, windy West Texas. Our 18 inches of rain each year and our steady 30 mph breezes create a challenging environment in which to grow gardens, lawns, shrubs, and trees. We are happy to share our knowledge with our neighbors and the community.

Master Gardener Program

Our curriculum includes approximately 14 Master Gardener classes covering about 18 topics. They are offered every other year, January through May, and the price varies from year to year. Volunteer hours are required every year putting our knowledge to practical use around the community. Annual continuing education classes are required to keep information levels high and current.

Doors & Design

Our partners have done an excellent job at making the most of your rear entry points while now colliding with the flow of landscaping ideas. Making sure your garage doors are functioning smoothly is a critical part in any quiet and peaceful yard.

Shade Covers for gardens

Some plants require shade covers depending on the amount of sun your plants are receiving. There are many ways that you can provide shade for your plants, including mesh for smaller areas of your garden. For a wider area, we recommend that you get a shade covers: Archie's Backyard Retreat has many shade covers, arbors and more. Also, Home Depot has arbors and shade covers that are affordable as a do-it-yourself option. Common plants that need shade: Hosta 'Buckshaw Blue', Jerusalem Sage, Hydrangea, and more!


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